About Us

Marlton Auto Credit is a finance company founded in 2002 that specializes in the acquisition of sub-prime automobile retail installment contracts. MAC purchases these contracts through its network of dealers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. MAC performs all servicing and collecting of its purchased receivables from its office in Marlton, NJ. MAC provides financing to consumers who may not be able to obtain financing from more traditional sources such as banks.

Marlton Auto Credit’s program benefits both the dealers and the customers. The dealers increase their revenues because they are able to obtain financing for a greater number of customers. The customers benefit by gaining the ability to purchase an automobile and also the opportunity to establish or re-establish credit. The purchased receivables are secured by the car title.

Marlton Auto Credit concentrates its efforts on building successful relationships with dealers, maintaining a consistent and comprehensive underwriting process, sustaining a pro-active collections protocol, establishing quality support technology and a selective sales and marketing program.